We serve our customers and partners in 23 different restaurants in 8 different locations.

Our specialty is the demanding restaurant business of congress, culture and event houses as well as various experience destinations.

Congress and event houses

Designing and delivering catering for international congresses, concerts and major events is at the core of our expertise. Learn more about the restaurants in the congress and event halls.

Concert and theater houses

Thoughtfully designed and lovingly built intermission services lifts the concert or theater performance to a new level of customer experience. 

Experience destinations

The experience destinations provide a new reality for the visitor. We make sure that the restaurant experience supports the customer’s overall experience, whether it is for fun, culture or sport.

Restaurants & cafes

Lunch and other everyday meals are an important part of our well-being. At business parks and hospital cafes, we make sure that the food and related services bring joy and relief to everyday life.


Quick and tasty. The traveler does not have time to waste, so the operation needs to be efficient at airports.