We are the leading restaurateur for culture and event houses in Finland.


We design every restaurant from scratch, starting with the operation and customer base of our partner house.

We bring with us effective restaurant operations and tailor a customized concept for your house that develops customer experience and business.

Responsibility is a thread going through all our operations.

We believe that responsibility means being environmentally friendly and having a mission in the society while ensuring the well-being of our staff. We need to do a great job in order to do good – that’s why profitability of our business is also important to us.

A healthy person rarely has to wonder
what the heart and the mind
encounter on the life-long journey.
What kind of wrinkles the person carries
 from childhood to old age.

Through our work and support, we promote well-being and strengthen the structures that provide a better basis for different life situations. The money we raise supports research, education, communication, advocacy and development so that in the future we will have the healthiest and happiest people in the world.


MIELI Mental Health Finland

It is useful and rewarding to develop mental health skills. The Mental Health Finland website provides information and exercises as well as support for different life situations.

Finnish Heart Association

The Finnish Heart Association is a vibrant community that strengthens people's resources, promotes heart health and supports people with heart diseases.

The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People (VTKL)

The Finnish Association for the Welfare of Older People is the oldest organization that supports the wellbeing of elderly people. Read more about VTKL on the organization’s web site.

Lastentautien tutkimussäätiö (Pediatric Research Foundation)

Not all children are born healthy and not everyone can be cured, but everyone can be helped. Read more about the Pediatric Research Foundation on their web site.

Our concept: your concept

Every house has its own character, which we want to support. Our effective background processes ensure that we can concentrate on creating and developing the right concept. We want the restaurant business with Kanresta to bring genuine business added value to your house. 

We use service design tools and data to design the concept to ensure that the experience your house offers continues seamlessly in the restaurants and cafes.

We invest in the business of your house

The experience is always a sum of the encounters. That’s why we want to develop the business and customer experience of your house together with you. It requires weekly dialogues and transparency. It is easy to approach us and we can smoothly adapt to new situations. Even when the requirement is to react quickly and change the way of working.

We commit ourselves to the development work that is needed for the success of the restaurant business in your house. In the milieu, food and beverage, service model, management, as well as marketing and sales. Without forgetting technology.

1 mill.
1 mill.
1 mill.

Executive team

Juha Rantala


Anna-Kaisa Rantamäki

Business Director

Elina Hill

Business Director


Anne-Mari Heikkilä

Accounting Manager